Please test your integration before going live

Whether you are using the Public Pages or our API, you need to verify your setup through real usage, both so you’ll know that your configuration options are correct, and so you’ll know more about what your customers will experience.

Chargify sites that are in test mode will work with both the Chargify Test Gateway and with the test gateways provided by the gateways like Authorize.Net, PaymentExpress, Beanstream, Stripe, etc. Note that all of the major gateway providers will give you a free test account (sometimes called a “developer” or “sandbox” account) so that you can test your integration.

When you’re ready to go live, you can use the “Clear site data” link at the top of the web UI to clear all of your test data. You may choose to keep your product set up at this time. Our section on Clearing Site Data goes in to more detail.

Test mode sites are limited to a maximum of 500 of each of coupons, subscriptions, customers and products.

Please note that data in Test sites is NOT guaranteed to be retained, however we normally allow test subscriptions to remain active for several months. After that time, they may be automatically canceled to preserve system resources.

Do not sign up real customers while you are in test mode

You cannot bring subscriptions with you when you change from test mode to live mode. Do not sign up real customers while you are in test mode

When your site has no active subscriptions, you may change it in and out of test mode. So, once you clear your subscriptions, you can move your site to live mode and change your gateway credentials to those for your production payment gateway.

It is our recommendation to also run a handful of tests against your live gateway. This testing can reveal misconfigurations in your gateway settings for things like AVS (Address Verification Service) and other fraud filter checks. You can always void these transactions later through your payment gateway interface. It is worth the few cents in transaction fees you will incur to verify your setup before your Customers attempt to use it.

If you change a site from “test” to “live”, configure a real gateway before any signups

If you convert a site from “test” mode to “live” mode, you should configure your gateway before you take any signups. If you take signups while you are still on the Test gateway, you will have difficulty switching later.