A Chargify Merchant (also sometimes called a Seller) may have many Sites, each of which sell Subscriptions to Products. Subscriptions are purchased by Customers, giving them access to a Product.


Assuming you have a Chargify account, then the Merchant is you!

You may also see “Merchant” referred to as a “Seller” – after all, in economics, we’re all just buyers and sellers.


Each seller may have as many “Sites” as they wish. A Site is a container for your Products, Subscriptions, and Customers. Each Site has its own settings and configuration. In particular, each site defines its own subdomain, currency, and gateway settings. Any reporting that Chargify performs is done at the Site level.

For more about Sites, see the Sites Intro

Products & Product Families

Products are the things that you sell. You must have Products set up in order to sell or initiate Subscriptions.

Products are grouped in to Product Families. Typically, a Product Family groups the Products between which your Customers may upgrade and downgrade.

Consider the following example of the pricing page from grasshopper.com.

If mapped in to Chargify, the Products would be:

  • Ramp
  • Grow
  • Max

All of these Products would be a part of the same Product Family, the Grasshopper Virtual Phone System. Customers are free to upgrade and downgrade between the different products, and Customers typically only have access to one of the Products in the Product Family at a time.

For more information, see the Products Intro.


Subscriptions are central in Chargify.

  • Subscriptions tie a Customer to a particular Product
  • A Subscription has a recurring interval called a period
  • Subscriptions go through different states as a part of their lifecycle, i.e. active and canceled

When Subscriptions are processed (according to their period), any balance due is collected as a payment from the credit card that is on file for that Subscription.

For more information, see the Subscriptions Intro.


Customers are the people or entities that buy access to your Products via Subscriptions.