Sites Intro

When you are new to Chargify you have no Sites. Sites are simply “containers” for your Products, Customers, and Subscriptions. You can use Chargify with just one Site, although most Merchants will want two sites at a minimum – one for testing and one for production.

Creating Sites

Buttons and links for creating a new site are displayed prominently when you first log in to Chargify. You can always access the “New Site” page from the toolbar. There will either be a “Create Site” button there, or there will be a “Create a new Site” link when you hover over the Site dropdown.

Site Data

When you are creating or altering a Site, you will have access to the following Site Data:

Site Name

The Site Name is a name you will use to identify the Site – this name is not shown to your customers. Good starting names might be “Test” or “Production”.


Your subdomain identifies your site uniquely (across all of Chargify) and is most visible within the Public Pages. For example, if your subdomain is acme then your unique Chargify URL would be:

Your customers may see your subdomain within the URL of your Public Pages if you choose to use them. Its smart to pick a name that is similar to your domain name.


Chargify supports multiple currencies. Each Site may only have one currency. If you need to sell in multiple currencies, you will need to set up a separate Site for each currency.

The currency is used in price displays found in the Web UI and on Public Pages. It is also the currency that is used as the “submission currency” to the gateways. This means that the transactions we submit to your gateway are specified using this currency. Note that this can be different than the settlement currency of your Merchant Account.

Once you have collected any revenue, your Site currency may not be changed!

Test Mode

Every Site may be in one of two modes: test mode or live mode. Test mode is different from live mode in the following ways:

  • Test mode only allows you to connect to “test” payment gateways (i.e. an Authorize.Net developers account)
  • You may freely delete products and subscriptions on a Test Site, using the “Clear Data” functionality
  • Chargify reserves the right to delete test site data automatically after a certain time frame (i.e. any subscriptions created more than 3 months ago may be deleted).

Switching Sites

In order to work with a Site (configure Products, see Subscriptions, etc) you will first need to “switch” to it. You can do this at any time via the “Site Selector” pull down menu in the toolbar. The current site is always listed first, with your other Sites listed thereafter.

Clearing/Deleting Site Data

See Clearing Site Data for a description of how to remove Products and/or Subscriptions/Customers from your test Site.