Exporting Data

You can export Subscription, Customer, and Transaction data to a CSV file. Simply visit each tab in the UI and look for the “Export” link.

You can also use our API to extract data.

Invoices CSV

The invoices CSV export consists of the line items for each invoice, with the following columns:

  • transaction_id The ID of the Transaction (see API: Transactions )
  • created_at The creation date for this line item
  • invoice_id The ID of the Invoice this line item belongs to (see API: Invoices )
  • invoice_number The unique (to this site) identifier for the Invoice
  • type See API: Transactions for a list of available Transaction types
  • memo A note about the Transaction
  • amount_in_cents The amount in cents of the Transaction
  • starting_balance_in_cents The initial balance on the Subscription before the Transaction has been processed
  • ending_balance_in_cents The remaining balance on the Subscription after the Transaction has been processed
  • subscription_id The Subscription’s unique ID within Chargify
  • customer_id The Customer’s unique ID within Chargify
  • customer_name The Customer’s name
  • product_id The Product’s unique ID within Chargify
  • product_name The Product’s name
  • kind The specific “subtype” for the Transaction type (see API: Invoices for a list of available subtypes)
  • invoice_status The current status of the Invoice
  • invoice_settled_at The date the Invoice was settled at, if applicable
  • customer_organization
  • coupon_name The coupon code, if the Transaction kind is coupon