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API: Invoices - Credits

Adding Credits to Invoices

Use this endpoint to record credits on an existing invoice.

  • amount The amount represented as a string. E.g. if the credit was for $14.50, you would pass 14.50
  • amount_in_cents The amount represented as a string cents. E.g. if the credit was for $14.50, you would pass 1450. This can be a positive or negative number, but it will always result as a credit on the invoice.
  • memo Typically the description of why the credit occured


format may be either ‘xml’ or ‘json’.


URL: https://<subdomain><invoice_id>/credits.<format>
Method: POST
Required Parameters: XML or JSON data, as specified by the input attributes
Response: The created credit

Here is a sample JSON document that you might POST to https://<subdomain><invoice_id>/credits.json

  "adjustment": {
    "amount": 10.00,
    "memo": "Lorem ipsum"

or if you wish to work in cents the amount_in_cents field can be used:

  "adjustment": {
    "amount_in_cents": 1000,
    "memo": "Lorem ipsum"

Here is a sample of a JSON response:

    "id":`auto generated`,
    "memo": "lorem ipsum",
    "subscription_id":`auto generated`,
    "product_id":`auto generated`,
    "created_at":`auto generated`,