This documentation site is deprecated. The latest up-to-date API reference is available at
This site will remain available for historical reference until June 1, 2017

Api Integration

API Signup flow

  1. You provide a form on your own website that collects information from your customer
  2. Using the Subscriptions API resource, you send a request to create a subscription
    1. If errors exist or the credit card charge is declined, they are returned to you, which you can display through your application
    2. If no errors exist and the credit card charge is accepted (or no charge is required) then a successful response is sent back to you from the API request, which you may handle by displaying a “Success” page to the customer
  3. You may then interact with the Subscription, Customer, or any other resource we expose via the API to handle changes within your own application state

API Considerations

  • If you supply a reference value when creating a Customer, you will be able to easily interact with the Customer resource and the related resources (i.e. Subscriptions), since your application and Chargify now share a common identifier for the Customer
  • You may choose to save the Chargify Customer ID and/or the Subscription ID within your own application for later referencing those resources (this is a good idea)

Chargify Direct

Certain API endpoints that require sensitive credit card data support direct form posts from your own web pages. This means that forms on your site can send data directly to Chargify servers, reducing your PCI scope since you then don’t have to process or transmit the sensitive data. For more, see the Introduction to Chargify Direct